We offer a wide range of tailored workshops for both groups and individuals

Ancestral Tree Healing

Every moment, every decision, every challenge in our day to day lives is packed with years and years of ancestral beliefs and patterns. These programs (often in auto-repeat) is our unconscious desire to heal trauma which has not yet being resolved and ‘takes away’ our ability to live a peaceful & content life.
Join us for this powerful group workshop to help unpack those ancestral patterns.

Meditation & Music Therapy

This guided meditation is a powerful way of bringing participants to the ‘present moment’. Along with ‘live’ music, vocal expression and body movement, individuals are able to connect to the energetic frequency of their heart. Helping release any blockages, negative emotions, fear, grief, anger and/or self-judgement they may be carrying towards themselves or others. The music inspired by traditional ‘Sanskrit’ mantras, as well as meditation music sang in English and Spanish.

Circle of Love (Grief Therapy)

An opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one who has departed this physical plain and help support the healing of family and friends going through grief. This therapy uses sound healing, singing and therapeutic techniques to release suffering. An ultimately connecting to more love and light.